Alaina ♥;

Hello, the names Alaina. I'm 17 years old. Single(; I currently go to BHS, Senior, graduating in December & going to college in January. I'm in drama club, Group Interp, & choir. I love Ice cream.! I'm a redneck city girl. May 7th is my birthday. Performing is my life. I'm a dancer, actress, model, singer. & yeah, I'm always down to talk, so hit up my inbox. ♥


*Walks into class crush is in*

Teacher: Everyone have a seat



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I would betray all of you in the Hunger Games 

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Ice Bucket Challenge Fail Compilation

you know those kids dead

The last one though OMG hahahaha & at least that one guy had a helmet


if tumblrcon was a thing someone would literally get killed there im not even joking

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